Consultant Corner

Welcome CIBC Consultants!
The Consultant Corner is your portal to project information, site visit protocols, administrative procedures, forms/surveys, and networking opportunities. Using the links below, you will find resources to help you become more effective and reflective as you work in this context.

Through our network of inclusion and behavior consultants, CIBC offers onsite consultation and technical assistance, assisting ECE staff in building their own capacity through the use of strength-based teaching strategies, development of accommodations to enhance the learning environment, problem solving, and the facilitation of linkages to community resources. Core elements of the CIBC process include reflective practice and meaningful action planning.

Orientation Webinar
For new and seasoned consultants, this web page provides helpful reminders of the CIBC consultant process. In addition, the CIBC Consultant Orientation Webinar can be reviewed at any time and is required viewing for new consultants prior to receiving assignments. This one hour archived webinar offers an overview of the philosophy, protocols and process of CIBC technical assistance. New consultants are asked to complete the evaluation survey link to verify viewing; this will alert CIBC project staff that you are ready to receive TA assignments.

Reflective Consultation
In the CIBC context, reflective consultation is a partnering relationship between you, the consultant, and teachers, providers, and ECE administrators. Through the use of reflective inquiry, you help build teachers’ capacity to understand and address the needs of both children and adults in the learning environment.

Action Planning
The CIBC Action Plan focuses on teacher and program goals rather than goals for specific children (e.g. IFSP or IEP). Goals are developed by the teaching staff after the observation and initial reflective conversation have occurred. As a CIBC consultant, you facilitate the development of goals that are meaningful and achievable within the ECE context.

Most CIBC forms and surveys are completed and submitted online. Use this link to access the online versions and download forms as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions
Although consultants are encouraged to contact CIBC Project staff directly, you can find several of your questions about CIBC procedures answered here.

Consultant Network List
Many CIBC consultants have agreed to share their contact information with one another; you will find these contacts on the list provided here.  If you would like other consultants to be able to contact you, sign up on the Network quick link.

As you build your own library of resources to be used for TA assignments, be sure to check out the resource links found here.  Do let CIBC project staff know about additional resources that can be included.

CIBC publishes a consultant newsletter and an outreach newsletter four times each year.  Although consultants receive the newsletters electronically, you can access both the current and archived versions here.

Please do not share your consultant corner password outside the CIBC network.