Become an IECMHC Network Consultant

The California Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation (IECMHC) Network is currently recruiting professionals to join our IECMHC Network of consultants! Learn more about the consultant’s role and qualifications in our recruitment letter.

The IECMHC Network consultants assist staff and providers in the development of skills and tools needed to successfully support the development, social–emotional health, and well-being of all children. Consultants partner with program administrators and providers, observe environments, facilitate reflective practice, collaborate with staff and providers in the development of action plans, and support program implementation of those plans.

The IECMHC Network consultants hold a master’s degree in social work, psychology, early childhood education/special education, or related fields. Clinical licensure and endorsement in infant-family and early childhood mental health are preferred. Consultants must be experienced in providing consultation using a reflective practice model with early learning and care providers and should be knowledgeable of community resources and referral processes in their local area/region. Experience working as a teacher/provider or administrator with children birth through five years old and their families is highly recommended.

IECMHC Network staff review new consultant applications, conduct interviews, and provide orientation training on an ongoing basis. Consultants who are invited to join the IECMHC Network provide consultation to programs across California and are matched based on the nature of the program’s request, consultant expertise, and geographical location.

Apply to become an IECMHC Network Consultant