Action Plan Sample


CIBC Action Planning Guide


Site/Program Name: _______________________            CIBC Consultant Name: ________________________

Teacher/Provider Name: ____________________            Today’s Date:  _________________________

Site Date to Review/Revise/Add new goals: ______________________


GoalsWhere do we want to go from here? Focus on increasing provider/site capacity.  ActivitiesWhat specific steps/strategies do staff need to take to accomplish the goal?  Person(s) ResponsibleWho will take responsibility forcompletion of each activity?


TimelineBy what datewill the activity /strategy be implemented? EvidenceWhat will show other people evidence of progress?What will the outcome look like?


Goal 1 To implement additional behavior management techniques in the classoom






1. Teachers will engage children in development  of classroom guidelines and rules.2. Teachers will use puppets with children to role play behaviors and problem solving.3. Rules/guidelines will be written on poster with visual cues showing children engaged in appropriate behaviors.

4. Visual cues will be posted in classroom at eye level for the children.

Teacher and aides working together throughout the day on the activities.Teachers will use CSEFEL tools.


Scripted Stories for Social Situations

Within three weeks the rules, visual cues and implementation of behavioral expectations will be completed. Children will follow the 3-4 behavior rules for the classroom consistantly.Children and teachers will use the visual cues posted to remind each other of the behavioral expectations.


Children will demonstrate improved conflict resolution with each other and staff.


Atmosphere in the classroom will be calmer and more enjoyable for all.

Goals  Activities  Person(s) Responsible  Timeline  Evidence 
Goal 2: Transitions Make transitions more organized and efficient and embedded with learning opportunities









1)Teachers will dismiss children in smaller numbers from whole-group activities to center activities by using cues such as calling on children whose names start with specific letters or who are wearing a particular color.2. Teachers will ask children to help state rules and expectations for next activity.3. Line leaders will be assigned at circle time on a rotating basis. Teachers will download and use CSEFEL tools.



may view CSEFEL video on transitions

Within 3 weeks Children will walk in an orderly manner when transitioning from group activities to the next activity.Children will know what comes next in the daily routine.


Less time will be spent redirecting and correcting and giving consequences children.


Teachers will feel calmer and feel more prepared for next activity.

Goal 3:Provide frequent positive feedback to children with encouragement for effort, thinking, and problem solving. 1.Teachers will read and reflect on the CSEFEL handout provided by consultant (Module 1.7)2. Use one reinforcement phrase per child per day stating the behavior observed. Teachers and aides Within one week Children will be getting attention for good behaviors and have less challenging ones.They will know what is expected