CIBC Team Staff

Jennifer Miller
Jennifer provides oversight and coordination of the CIBC infrastructure including consultant recruitment, training, delivery of site visit services, information dissemination, outreach, and reporting. Jennifer also provides reflective practice to consultants. Jennifer joined WestEd CPEI in 2001 working on various early intervention and early childhood education projects. She returned in 2013 after a six-year hiatus from WestEd.

Diane Harkins
Diane processes the receipt of technical assistance requests, assignment and oversight of site visits, and consultant recruitment. She also provides reflective practice to consultants. In addition to her work with CIBC, Diane is an infant-toddler specialist with the Program for Infant-Toddler Care. Her background is in child development and social work, with extensive experience in training and technical assistance in the field of early care and education.

Dona Meinders
Dona is the project director for CIBC. She is primarily responsible for the budget and the administration of the project. At WestEd’s Center for Prevention and Early Intervention, Dona is the project director for numerous center projects supporting statewide school districts in developing best practices for inclusion of children and youth with disabilities.

Angela Fernandez
Angela is responsible for consultant contracts, invoices, and setting up the regional meetings for the CIBC consultants. She also provides essential administrative supports in order for the CIBC team to work efficiently and effectively involving training, outreach, and program oversight. Angela joined WestEd in 2008 and is involved in various WestEd CPEI projects. Prior to joining WestEd, Angela worked for a local large CPA firm as a marketing administrative assistant.

Rosie Collins
Rosie is a Program Assistant and maintains the CIBC website and internal databases. She also functions in the same capacity for various other projects and serves as a budget analyst for CPEI. Rosie joined WestEd in January 2015 and supported national security efforts the previous 15 years.